About us


Knight Security Solutions (KSS) now has a Training Centre that is fully PSIRA (Private Security Regulatory Authority) and SASSETA (Safety and Security Skills Education Training Authority) accredited known as Key Training Academy. Located in Howick, it is highly accessible to the Midlands communities.


We focus on the presentation of Skills Programmes for the security industry towards qualifications such as National Certificates for General Security Practitioners and Specialised Security Officers.


Our vision is to bring knowledge and skills to the workplace and provide the best quality security training to our staff and members of our surrounding communities.


Key Training Academy is a progressive and dynamic training centre and we aspire to uplift and upskill not only our own staff, but the local and surrounding communities. We aim to continue growing, improving on the quality of our training and broadening our training material scope. We are committed to partnering with other specialist service providers who operate with integrity in the education and training fields.


  • To hold high our moral and ethical standards in the training industry.
  • To influence our students behaviour and attitude in a positive and constructive manner.
  • To be accessible to our students through a personal and professional training service.


  • To develop and improve on security industry training and material. Courses will be developed in close consultation and cooperation with PSIRA, SASSETA and UBUNTU (training material developer) to ensure high standards and compliance with industry norms are met.
  • To identify trends and developments in the security industry and translate these into improvements and adjustments to the training courses.
  • To be fully accredited and affiliated with the relevant training, educational and security related statutory bodies.
  • To have the most dedicated and highly quailed trainers, assessors and moderators in the industry.
  • To develop our KSS staff through continuous training.
  • To develop the skills and employability of people in the surrounding communities.


  • The owner, Gary has 27 years of experience in all aspects of security and security management.
  • Debbie has over 20 years of teaching and educational experience.
  • The current staff employed at KSS will be actively involved in training and this amounts to many years of first-hand experience, which can be imparted to the students.
  • Trainers, assessors and moderators will continuously monitor trends, write and update training material alongside PSIRA and SASSETA.
  • Our premises are highly visible and accessible to all surrounding communities.